Scottish independence… and what to do about the blue in the Union Jack

So the Scots are to get an in-out referendum on independence. But if they vote ‘yes’ where does this leave the Union Jack with the blue bits representing the St. Andrew’s Cross? 

The obvious answer is to replace blue with another colour.

A taunt of the Far Right has long been ‘there ain’t no black in the Union Jack’, so what better choice to reflect modern Britain than the colour black?

Apart from annoying the likes of the BNP’s Nick Griffin, the colour black would symbolise Britain (or England, Wales and Northern Ireland) embracing the positive impact of post-colonial immigration.

The long struggle to reclaim the Union Jack from the little-Englanders would be won in an instant

And it would make the flag look a lot smarter too – at least in my eyes! – as the mock-up image of Mo Farah shows.

So should the Scots decide to go their own way let’s not keep the old Scottish blue lingering around like some old relic of the past, but go forward in modernity and multiculturalism.

Ain’t no black in the Union Jack? There could be if the Scottish blue stops at Hadrian’s Wall!

By Lester Holloway @brolezholloway


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3 thoughts on “Scottish independence… and what to do about the blue in the Union Jack

  1. the majority of Scots do not want a break up of the union, we want recognition of our contribution to the uk economy which is more than we take out. otherwise why are the rest of the uk not saying good riddance, cos they know the facts ,although they find it extremely to admit the truth.

  2. Oh please, leave race out of this please! Why should only one sector of citizens be represented? It is about countries. Simply replace the Scottish blue with the Welsh green and be done with it. Otherwise, don’t forget the yellow for the Asians, the brown for Latins, etc. …

  3. I think black can represent multicultural Britain generally, not just black African / black Caribbean people. I actually quite like the black Union Jack, but I can’t say the flag is an issue that would swing my vote if I had one!

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