EMLD hold successful AGM

47799_10151729167479622_485248981_n (2)EMLD held a successful AGM on Saturday (16th February). The turn-out of 30 members was encouraging considering that the main attraction – a conference on race equality – had been postponed in order to take a battlebus to campaign in the Eastleigh byelection.

In addition, many of the positions had been elected unopposed. Considering these factors I was delighted at the turn-out at the party HQ in Westminster.

EMLD intend to reschedule the Race Equality conference which we will hold jointly with the Social Liberal Forum. We had confirmed a host of excellent speakers including MPs Simon Hughes and Tom Brake, and education experts Prof Gus John and Dr Rob Berkeley from the Runnymede Trust. We hope these speakers will be able to make a new date and will be seeking additional high profile names.

Saturday’s AGM kicked off with a chairs report by Issan Ghanzi and a short speech by Baroness Meral Hussein Ece. Special thanks were given to the outgoing Secretary Jonathan Hunt for his service over the past four years. Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece and Lord Qurban Hussain continue as ex-officio members. More details to come as I don’t have my notes with me… that includes any names missing from the list below!


Elected Unopposed:

Chair – Issan Ghanzi
Secretary – Lester Holloway*
Treasurer – Godfried Gyechie
Vice-Chair – Rabindranath (Rabi) Martins
Vice-Chair – Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera*
Vice-Chair – Merlene Emerson*
Executive Member – Tahir Maher*
Executive Member – Janice Turner*
Executive Member – Kihoro (Kui) MacKay*
Executive Member – Jonathan Hunt

Elected / co-opted at AGM:

Membership Secretary – Dr Turhan Ozen
Executive Member (Strategic Plan) – James Jennings
Executive Member – Graham Neale*
Executive Member – Pash Nandra*
Executive Member – Janice Turner
Executive Member – Marisha Ray*

* – New to position or new member of the executive.

EMLD members at Saturday's AGM

EMLD members at Saturday’s AGM

Baroness Meral Hussein Ece

Baroness Meral Hussein Ece

By Lester Holloway @brolezholloway

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