Boris is not fit to hold the Tory whip

Boris Johnson’s remarks about Muslim women who wear the full veil looking like a “letter box” has rightly drawn criticism from all quarters. As experts such as Runnymede Trust’s deputy director Dr Zubaida Haque noted in the New Statesman, it’s not just about the offence against Muslims, the issue is the lowering of the bar when it comes to Islamophobia, and the impact this has on the lives of ordinary Muslims.

Boris has a long and sad track record of writing poisonous articles, calculated not merely to insult but also to build a support base among those who agree with such comments. His calculation must have been if it’s got him this far, why shouldn’t it win him the top job? Maybe this Poundshop Enoch Powell might just have overstepped the mark this time, but it’s worth looking back and what he’s got away with thus far.

For starters he demanded the return of the British Empire and claimed the Chinese contribution to culture was “nil”. Writing in The Spectator, a magazine he edited, Johnson says: “The problem [with Africa] is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more.” The article, from February 2002, was penned after Johnson returned from a trip to Uganda. Calling for the return of colonial rule, he wrote: “The best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction; on the understanding that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.” The peice also agreed with one anonymous British official whom he quoted as saying: “Why are they so brutal to each other? We may treat them like children, but it’s not because of us that they behave like the children in Lord of the Flies.”

He also branded of black children as “piccanninies” and his claim that Africans had “watermelon smiles”, and previously campaigned against the Stephen Lawrence inquiry which he called a “witchhunt” against the police and accused Nelson Mandela of leading South African towards a “tyranny of black majority rule. Johnson claimed the Chinese had contributed nothing to cultural history.

This is not the first time he has had Muslims in his crosshairs. Johnson also ridiculed Islam with the following remark: “Islam will only be truly acculturated to our way of life when you could expect a Bradford audience to roll in the aisles at Monty Python’s Life of Mohammed.”

This record proves that Boris is clearly a racist bigot who has expressed himself clearly in derogatory terms about African Caribbean people and other minorities and is not fit to hold public office of any kind. When he was editor of the Spectator he was quite content for a racist article by the journalist Taki George, which said that Caribbean people were “breeding like flies” to remain on the Spectator website for over six weeks despite a complaint to the Metropolitan Police over the article by the Society of Black Lawyers.

Boris has got away with a catalogue of racist and offensive comments for too long. It is time the Tories ended his association with their party.


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  1. The effects of colonialism past and present are visible all over Africa. Africans are torn away from their past, propelled into a universe fashioned from outside that suppresses their values, and dumbfounded by a cultural invasion that marginalises them.

    Africa is the Mother of Humanity. Africa is the cradle of the first human civilisation and that for thousands of years…Africa was in the forefront of all world progress. The First Renaissance on this planet was the African Renaissance. Africa was “the first world” economically and technologically. Africans built the pyramids which even in this 21st century no one can reproduce.

    The “Atlantic” Ocean was called the Ethiopian Sea as late as 1626 and the so-called “Indian” Ocean the Azanian Sea. Azanians stimulated trade with the East. The people of Azania whose country colonialists called “South Africa” through the British imperialist Union of South Africa Act 1909; mined gold and copper in Mapungubwe as early as the 9th century.

    Africa has suffered the worst genocide and holocaust at the hands of the architects of slavery and colonialism. What is called “European Renaissance” was the worst darkness for Africa’s people. Armed with the technology of the gun and the compass it copied from China, Europe became a menace for Africa against her spears. So-called “civilised” Europe also claiming to be “Christian” came up with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. There was massive loss of African population and skills. Some historians have estimated that the Gold Coast (today’s Ghana) alone, lost 5OOO to 6OOO of its people to slavery every year for four hundred years.

    Prof. Walter Rodney asks a pertinent question: “What would have been Britain’s level of development had millions of her people been put to work as slaves out of their country over a period of four centuries?”

    As if slavery had not already done enough damage to Africa’s people, European leaders met in Germany from December 1884 to February 1885 at the imperialist Berlin Conference. The Belgian King Leopold stated the purpose of the Berlin Conference as “How we should divide among ourselves this magnificent African cake.”

    Africa was thus plunged into another human tragedy. Through the Berlin Treaty of 26 February 1885, the European imperialists sliced Africa into “Portuguese Africa”, “British Africa”, “German Africa”, “Italian Africa,” “Spanish Africa”, “French Africa” and “Belgian Africa.” There was no Africa left for Africans except Ethiopia, encircled by paupers of land dispossessed people who were now the reservoir of cheap native labour for their dispossessors.

    Somalia, a tiny African country, had the misfortune of becoming “British Somaliland”, “Italian Somaliland”, and “French Somaliland.” Colonial brutality on the colonised Africans knew no bounds. Here are a few examples of atrocities committed against Africans by colonialists. A British philosopher, Betrand Russell wrote about some of these colonial atrocities perpetrated by Belgium in the Congo in the name of “Western Christian Civilisation.” Russell wrote, “Each village was ordered by the authorities to collect and bring in a certain amount of rubber – as much as the men could bring in by neglecting all work for their own maintenance.

    If they failed to bring the required amount, their women were taken away and kept as hostages…in the harems of colonial government employees. If this method failed…troops were sent to the village to spread terror, if necessary by killing some of the men…they were ordered to bring one right hand amputated from an African victim for every cartridge used.” (Introduction To African Civilisations, John G. Jackson 31O-311)

    The result of these atrocities according to Sir H.H. Johnston was the reduction of the African population in the Congo from twenty million to nine million people in fifteen years.

    The worst genocide also occurred in Namibia in 19O4. Namibia was then a German colony. The Herero people resisted German colonialism. A well armed army under General Lothar von Trotha defeated the Hereros at the Battle of Waterberg. The German colonial aggressors drove these Africans from their land to the desert where there was no water. Seventy percent of the Herero population died of dehydration in that desert. In South Africa the Khoisan people were exterminated by colonialists after being hunted like animals and dispossessed of their land.

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