Do we need community leaders?

I took part in a fascinating live debate on last nights’ Dotun Adebayo BBC London show on the subject of leadership. (more…)

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Rediscovering the mountain top, reimagining the promised land

Posted on August 20, 2012

Next week Tuesday marks the 49th anniversary of the Jobs and Freedom march on Washington DC when the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jnr made his famous I Have A Dream speech in front of 200,000 followers. In 2013, activists plan to mark the 50th anniversary with their own march right here in London. (more…)

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Reflecting on BBC London appearance

I enjoyed my appearance on BBC London radio's Dotun Adebayo show last Sunday, talking about the outcome of the London and local elections with fellow guests Richard Serunjogi (left), who supported Ken Livingstone, and Sylbourne Sydial (second left), a Conservative activist. (more…)

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The audacity of hope and recovery

The burning carpet stores, the looting, the photo-oped clean-ups, the CCTV mugshots, the inflated jail terms and David Starkey. Finally, the black community had a chance to gather and debate strategies for “hope and recovery”, the title of a rally in central London last Friday. (more…)

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Naomi Campbell and the Chocolate Masticators

Posted on May 29, 2011

Is it just me, or do Cadbury's have an uncanny knack of generating national media coverage with a good old fashioned 'race row'... which has the happy side-effect of raising the profile and commercial success of their products? (more…)

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