Just days left to change the Immigration Bill

Posted on March 15, 2014

The Immigration Bill is now nearing the end of its' swift journey through parliament and will become law before the European elections in May, just months after being unveiled. The reason for this breakneck speed is, of course, so that Tories can try to win a few grubby votes off UKIP by showing how tough (ie. hostile) they are towards all these ghastly immigrants coming over here and contributing to our economy. Only last week David Cameron ...

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Keeping Mikey Powell’s memory alive

Posted on September 9, 2013

Last Saturday marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Mikey Powell in Birmingham. I am sorry I was not able to get up to the community meeting and rally this weekend, however I am encouraged that people have not forgotten this tragedy. (more…)

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BBC London debates racial profiling immigration stop-checks

Posted on August 4, 2013

I was delighted to be invited onto the BBC London 94.9fm Dotun Adebayo show this evening along with Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote to speak about the immigration stop-checks at London stations this week.  (more…)

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Reflecting on BBC London appearance

I enjoyed my appearance on BBC London radio's Dotun Adebayo show last Sunday, talking about the outcome of the London and local elections with fellow guests Richard Serunjogi (left), who supported Ken Livingstone, and Sylbourne Sydial (second left), a Conservative activist. (more…)

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More than a few bad apples

News that 20 police officers are being investigated for racism might lead some to welcome the apparent purge on a few bad apples, yet failure to address deeper institutional issues can only mean cartloads of more such apples arriving to replace them. (more…)

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