Mali – a regional mess in the making

Posted on January 20, 2013

Just like Libya, the “good guys” in Mali – the government army – are being accused by Amnesty International of extra-judicial killings. Today the Observer reports first-hand accounts of human rights abuses and sexual crimes, once again raising the question of whose side, if any, the west should be on. Or whether – as I argued a few days ago - it should be Africa finding solutions to the Mali crisis. (more…)

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Escalation in drone attacks on Somalia could create a new generation of radical terrorists

As President Barack Obama ratchets up drone attacks on al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab insurgents in Somalia, experts are questioning whether drones could replace Guantánamo Bay as the recruiting tool of choice for militants. (more…)

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Africa can say “no” to drone attacks

As David Cameron arrives in Washington, Barack Obama's drones continue to attack Somalia. Is it any wonder African nations are so keen to clasp the hand of China, when Europe and America seem more interested in bombing them than providing genuine aid and investment? (more…)

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