Only Affirmative Action can tackle scandal of disproportionate Black unemployment

Posted on March 30, 2015

Black Britain has always been in recession ever since the 1970s. Even in the boom years of the mid-2000's African and Caribbean unemployment was higher than White unemployment is now. The difference is that while White people are mired in an economic slump, the working age Black population are stuck in a Great Depression. (more…)

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Heartless benefit cuts driven by the media

Posted on August 18, 2014

The Independent has published "the 11 most senseless benefit sanction decisions known to man" and the list of heartless decisions to axe claimants' benefits is truly shocking. From a man who was deemed to have failed to complete an Employment and Support Allowance assessment due to suffering a heart attack during at the job centre, to someone who had his benefits stopped for selling poppies in aid of soldiers, the sad and sorry catalogue of ...

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No betrayal of workplace rights

Workplace rights have been hard-fought for and no circumstances on earth to justify whittling them away in exchange for financial bribes. So you can imagine how disappointed I was reading Vince Cable, in today's Lib Dem Voice, defending George Osborne's plan to roll back the centuries of worker protection. (more…)

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Can we ever have a sensible debate on race?

A couple of months ago Gary Younge wrote in The Guardian highlighting the consequences of online racism. He argued that for some the right to offend has trampled on the basic sense of recognising how it feels to be offended.  (more…)

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Rediscovering the mountain top, reimagining the promised land

Posted on August 20, 2012

Next week Tuesday marks the 49th anniversary of the Jobs and Freedom march on Washington DC when the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jnr made his famous I Have A Dream speech in front of 200,000 followers. In 2013, activists plan to mark the 50th anniversary with their own march right here in London. (more…)

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