The essence of Black History Month

Three little words can mean so much... and so little. Black History Month, like that other famous three worded phrase, can be said with genuine love and passion. It can also be insincere. Some people even have trouble saying it due to internalised issues they can barely grasp. (more…)

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We are Joe Bloggs, Christopher Alder and Trayvon Martin

Posted on April 2, 2012

One detail about the Trayvon Martin killing that escaped the headlines was the fact that he was labeled as "John Doe" in the morgue for three days while his parents fretted about their son's mysterious disappearance. 'John Doe' is an American equivalent of the term 'Joe Bloggs' in Britain. A symbol of the callous disregard in which the Florida state held towards this innocent teenager. Anonymous and disregarded; just another dead black youth. ...

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Africa’s first dictator

Meet Africa's first dictator. Sir Percy Anderson, the head of the British government's insensitively-named Slave Trade department, wielded breathtaking power. (more…)

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Did slavery really exist in Africa before the transatlantic slave ‘trade’?

Posted on February 4, 2012

The huge gulf between the kind of “slavery” than existed within Africa and the bloody horrors inflicted by Europeans is once again coming under the spotlight. (more…)

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