Local parties need to take action now to address lack of diversity in council chambers

Posted on January 22, 2013

The number of non-white candidates contesting the local council elections last year was just 3.7 percent, indicating a fall in BAME representation in town halls. A report by a cross-party committee of MPs showed a shockingly low proportion of non-white council candidates ran in the 2012 elections. (more…)

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No leading black councillors in Britain

The Voice newspaper reports on a demonstration outside Birmingham town hall over the absence of African or African-Caribbean councillors in the city's ruling cabinet. That's not the half of it. None of Britain's ten biggest local authorities have any black representation in a leadership position. (more…)

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Are London boroughs too small?

Does London have too many local councils? That was the question floated by Labour's candidate for mayor, Ken Livingstone, at a business forum in February. (more…)

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