Colour me black

Posted on February 5, 2015

This article was first published on Voice4Change England (3rd February 2015) Coloured, half-caste, half-breed, mulatto and mongrel. These and many other insulting labels have been stapled to people like me, a black man of mixed African and English heritage. “Does it matter if [the actor Benedict] Cumberbatch used the wrong word?” asked Ben Andrew in an article on this site. Well, it does if you have been on the receiving end. ...

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Three videos and the state of race relations in Britain

Around 300 people who gathered for the Sean Rigg memorial last night watched in shock and disgust as they were shown CCTV footage of his death at Brixton police station as police officers stood around him. Yesterday was also notable for the release of two YouTube videos which - in different ways - shows how far society has to go to combat racism. (more…)

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No leading black councillors in Britain

The Voice newspaper reports on a demonstration outside Birmingham town hall over the absence of African or African-Caribbean councillors in the city's ruling cabinet. That's not the half of it. None of Britain's ten biggest local authorities have any black representation in a leadership position. (more…)

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Britain’s “Obama moment” 25 years ago demands reflection

It's 25 years since Britain's “Obama moment” when four black MPs were elected, the first since the 1920's. The Bernie Grant Trust is to hold a celebration marking the anniversary on 10th June. And if anyone could articulate how far we have yet to go, it would be the late great Bernie. (more…)

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Can activists be politicians?

Can activists become politicians? This might sound like a silly question when you consider how many former activists are in parliament. Famously Labour's Peter Hain campaigned against apartheid South Africa. The young feminist lawyer Harriet Harman fought for human rights. Jeremy Corbyn and Joan Ruddock were leading CND activists. There are many more. Yet where are the campaigners for race equality? (more…)

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Stephen Lawrence trial marks a new opportunity to assess racism in society

Posted on January 3, 2012

Stephen Lawrence will be remembered as a tragic murder victim simply because of the colour of his skin, but let us not forget that in many ways he is foremost a symbol, and icon of the struggle against racism. (more…)

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