Nick Clegg welcomes Black History Month

Posted on September 30, 2013

I am delighted that Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, has made a statement welcoming Black History Month which begins tomorrow. I had a hand in this! (more…)

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Guardian: Minority election – could black voters swing it in UK in 2015?

Posted on September 7, 2013

The Guardian this week published a feature on how black voters can swing the 2015 general election. The piece, written by Hugh Muir, is sparked by research by Operation Black Vote which I authored. I am also quoted in the article talking about the Lib Dem perspective. (more…)

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More to rise in black university applicants than meets the eye

Posted on July 24, 2013

The number of black university students has increased, according to UCAS figures published yesterday. (more…)

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Secret courts will further undermine confidence in the criminal justice system

I welcome the Liberal Democrats' spring conference voting overwhelmingly to condemn the Government plan to introduce 'secret courts' and is saddened by the fact that most of our MPs defied the wishes of the party by voting for this measure in the Commons. (more…)

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Starving kids – another indictment of Dickensian Britain

Over a million children in poverty are not getting free school meals with a survey revealing that three quarters of teachers have experienced kids coming into school without a meal or any money to pay for one. Today's report by the Children’s Society is a sad indictment on austerity Britain and the extent to which many thousands of families and young children have been driven below the breadline. (more…)

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No betrayal of workplace rights

Workplace rights have been hard-fought for and no circumstances on earth to justify whittling them away in exchange for financial bribes. So you can imagine how disappointed I was reading Vince Cable, in today's Lib Dem Voice, defending George Osborne's plan to roll back the centuries of worker protection. (more…)

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Can activists be politicians?

Can activists become politicians? This might sound like a silly question when you consider how many former activists are in parliament. Famously Labour's Peter Hain campaigned against apartheid South Africa. The young feminist lawyer Harriet Harman fought for human rights. Jeremy Corbyn and Joan Ruddock were leading CND activists. There are many more. Yet where are the campaigners for race equality? (more…)

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