Guardian cover new OBV study on the power of the black vote

Posted on March 30, 2015

After two months of hard-slog I'm delighted to see a study I wrote for Operation Black Vote on the power of the black vote has been published in The Guardian. See article here.

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New BBC investigation into Krishna Maharaj case

Posted on May 29, 2012

BBC Newsnight are to carry out a new investigation into the case of a Trinidad-born British citizen jailed 25 years ago for a crime many people believe he did not commit. (more…)

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Race and local government

Posted on November 28, 2011

In an article published in 'First', the Local Government Association magazine, I argue that we need to look more closely at why black and Asian people are failing to get elected as councillors. (more…)

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Don’t lose the prize

Posted on November 4, 2011

Where have all the black bookshops gone? This question has been echoing down the decades as dedicated community-spirited shop owners have fought a losing battle with the modern age. (more…)

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Black history and emancipation

Black History Month has always had its' haters, mostly those with a colour blindspot for the absence of the true African story in 'mainstream' history books. For me, the¬†plethora¬†of BHM events has always proven an annual motivator to deepen my knowledge of the events and personalities that have helped shape this world for the better. (more…)

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The other 29-year-old father of four shot by cops

It seems only yesterday since a 29-year-old black father-of-four was shot dead by police in controversial circumstances, sparking civil uprest on the street. The man in question isn't Mark Duggan, but Derek Bennett, killed in Angell Town in Brixton. (more…)

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